During their courses at CATS, students are introduced to a wide variety of different techniques and ideas in order to develop their artistic skills. International students can also improve their level of English, in particular, the specialised use of the language in art and design.

This enables students to build strong portfolios of work, to make informed choices about the areas in which to specialise on degree courses, and to gain confidence in spoken and written English where necessary.

For students who want to expand their experience in Art & Design, and to build a portfolio of work.
The course is especially valuable for:
  • those wishing to gain a place on a foundation course, who take Term 1.
  • those wishing to apply for a degree course, who enter the Portfolio course at an appropriate level.
  • Specialised language support is available as an option for international students on this course.

    For international students who wish to develop their skills in art and design, but who have not yet reached the entry standard for the Foundation course.
    Useful for:

  • those whose English language level is not yet adequate for further education in the UK.
  • those who have a reasonable level of English, but have not taken Art & Design as a major subject.

    Students often want to pursue a career in Art & Design, but do not have sufficient experience in the specialised areas of degree course study to be able to make a commitment to a particular specialisation straightaway.
    The one-year Foundation course introduces students to the full range of disciplines and helps them decide on their strongest area(s) and build a portfolio of work as a basis for degree course applications.